So I've been a professional musician for 20 years now!! Wow that is right lol

I am not picky about gear. For me if is working good I am happy. I also don’t like using too much stuff specially live.

Here is what I use live and on studio.

Let me know what you use and is you know about my gear and what you think.

Would love to know more about it :)

For live gigs:

Live I play bass guitar and sing usually.

- My Bass 

Live I mostly use my 4 strings Fender Precision Bass Rosewood Fingerboard  3-Color Sunburst.

Again, super simple but super versatile. I can play rnr and make it sound supper strong but at the same time I can play something warmer and groovy. Loe that bass.

- Amp

I use the Fender Rumble 200 1x15" 200-watt Bass Combo Amp

I like it because I think is a very versatile amp, plus is very light and can do the damage.

It has 3 button voicing palette that helps to sculpts the sound even further.

Bright, contour and vintage.

I also love that it has a XLR line output so is easy to deal with sound checks etc.

- Bass pedal

I’ve been using for a long time now the Tech 21 Bass Fly Rig Bass Multi-effects Pedal.

I like it because it has everything I use and a bit more.

A complete SansAmp, boost, chorus, compression, octafilter, tuner, and an XLR output connects directly to a PA system or your recording device.

Plus is small, witch is great! The pedal was inspired after my husband developed for the company his RK Fly Rig witch I also use when I am recording guitars etc. 

I love the pedal and if you are like me don’t like to carrie too much stuff I recommend! 

- Microphone

Live I usually use mine but oftentimes I will use the house one depending on the venue.

I have a Samson Q8X and a Q7.

 Let me know if you guys want to know what I use in studio too :)

Much love