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    Hey You - Single
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'Hey You' is Julia Lage's first solo single.

Written, Produced, Arranged, & Performed by her.

" Having to record all the instruments myself and actually to produce, mix and master the song, was one of the biggest challenges. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it if I had to.

I love how it sounds and how I was able to show a bit of who I am trough this song.

The transition to Portuguese form English represents a lot of how I am. I put a little bit of me in each part. The messagen on the lirycs, the bass solo, the flute, the vocals and the tempo transition definitely makes this song one of my favorites."

Hey You


Hey You don't give up

Hey you pressure is off

Hey you don't be worried

Hey you…..

Hey you raise your head

Don’t give up cause now you know

Don’t give up the door is near

Don’t backup because of fear 


Run free in love

Run free in love

Don’t look back the road is clear

Don’t give up for me  

Run free


Hey you don't you know

The feelings you own?   

Hey you don't be alone

Hey you……     

One day we both know 

No more masks shall control whats inside the purest soul 

What inside looks like gold…


Lá se vai voçê aia

Vá sem medo vai que é cedo

Vai em paz aia   

Va por mim vai sem fim

Vai em paz...


 Written, Produced, Arranged, & Performed by Julia Lage.